September 5, 2011

Good Night, Sleep Tight

It's that time again! My friends at Quirk Books are releasing their next masterpiece. This one, while written by a master of mash-ups, is far from the "Classics" I've reviewed before. Ben H. Winters is the author of my (to-date) favorite Quirk Classic- Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, but his latest novel takes a much different turn.

Bedbugs is Mr.Winters "chilling tail of life in the perfect New York abode gone horribly wrong..." -Booklist

When I got the email from Eric asking who'd like a copy to review, I was unsure. Bedbugs? Really? Who wants to read a novel about parasites that are crazy hard to get rid of & the mere mention of can make you itchy for hours (like head, tell me you're head didn't just get itchy)? And I wasn't so sure I'd enjoy a book full of "urban paranoia." I'm a country girl, remember? But I loved Ben Winter's previous Quirk Book, so I gave it a go.

Much to my surprise & delight, I loved this book! Like-read-it-twice-in-three-weeks loved it. Like sat-&-discussed-it-for-an-hour-with-A-Starry-Night loved it. Like told-everyone-I've-talked-to-lately-they-need-to-read-it loved it. Creeptacular is the word that comes to mind.

The story revolves around Susan Wendt-an NYC mother, wife & artist moving into the perfect brownstone with her perfect husband and their perfect daughter. Enter a slightly over involved elderly landlady, bedbugs that no one else seems to see, and a healthy dose of paranoia and you have a mix that will keep your skin crawling & your heart pounding.

Bedbugs hits shelves (and Amazon and e-readers) tomorrow. You might want to pick up a bottle of Caladryl too....just in case.

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