August 30, 2011

Will I ever learn?

Two years ago, Mrs.G asked if I'd be her room mother. #1 Son was in her first grade class & I'd never been room mom before so I said sure. Last spring she caught me in the hall & asked if I'd do it again for B.B.'s class. Why not. It wasn't so bad last time.

The problem? I'm not so good with responsibility. Not great with deadlines. Don't function well under pressure. And yes, being room mom is fraught with pressures. (Please know this entire post is total crap. I don't have anything better to write about today so I'm ranting about things that don't truly bother me. I really enjoy being room mom. I just enjoy complaining more.)

Today I'm slaving away over the class party list. Each parent was asked to sign up for a party. They could give me their top 3 picks & let me know if they were willing to help with more than one party. I'm now sitting with a stack of papers teetering on the edge of my printer desk trying to decide if the mom who only filled out 2 spots only wants to help with one of the two parties or both. Does the mom who said, "Any 2," really mean it or is she going to get pissed when I sign her up to help with Johnny Appleseed day? And who celebrates Johnny Appleseed day, anyway? I hate Johnny Appleseed. First of all I can never get that first "E" in the proper place in his name. Secondly he was the great-great-great....uncle of my third grade teacher & that woman was eeeeevil. It's all his fault I nearly had a nervous breakdown at the ripe age of 8. If he had prevented his siblings from procreation, I could have had a kind, gentle third grade teacher instead of the red-faced, screaming, child hater I had. In retrospect, she might have been going through the change of life. That would explain a lot. And she did read The Box Car Children to us, so she wasn't entirely bad. But since only one mom showed any interest in Johnny Appleseed Day, I get to put my name in with hers & "Any 2 Mom."

Curse you, Johnny Appleseed.

At least this year I don't have to fuss over the snack schedules. Those nearly killed me last time. This job should come with a year supply of Ben & Jerry's.

(Yeah, total crap.)

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Kork said...

snigger...giggle...giggle...hee, hee, ha ha ha ha...

OH! Thank you FarmWife - I so needed to laugh today...

PS - I missed out on Room Mom this year. :( Some other mom signed up before me, and there was already someone who wanted to be "co-mom" (doesn't that defeat the purpose) and YES, I'm going to be that competitive mom that will be the BEST ROOM MOM EVER for all 3 of my kids. At. The. Same. Time.

It's all part of my plan to take over the world...