August 3, 2011

Our little alarm clocks didn't go off.

The week of VBS is always the most hectic week of the summer. Without fail I set up a doctor's appointment for the FarmHands, all the corn comes in from the garden & has to be put up, it's 8,000 degrees outside, and I find a book I absolutely cannot put down.

This year is no different. I'm teaching third & fourth graders at Bible School. Monday we had check ups for everyone except B.B. Husband filled my kitchen sink with corn this morning. I'm fully invested in Bedbugs, a new, yet to be released book by Ben Winters. Add to that my incessant need to check my Facebook page & Twitter Feed and I'm like a crazy woman. Damn you, social networking sites.

Last night, after VBS, I took the FarmHands for a quick dip in the pool. They love "night swimming" and reached a fevered pitch before we made the 100 yard tromp down to the pool. By the time everyone had been bathed, snacked, and tucked in it was well after ten o'clock. I'm pretty sure BabyGirl was still roaming the house at midnight (bedtime for her is a rather loose term). I got sucked in by Mr.Winter's tale of urban paranoia and didn't get to sleep until sometime after 12:30 this morning....and then rather unwillingly. I so wanted to stay up & read through the night (fear not, dear readers- In a few weeks you will hear all about this latest piece of literature). Bitsy climbed in bed with me sometime after 1:30 and I put her back in her bed as Husband was crashing for the night/morning.

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning on my own- no screaming, no fighting, no random questions about super-heroes- at 9:40 am. For a brief moment I was sure I was dreaming. It had to be closer to 7. The FarmHands never sleep past 8. When I realized it wasn't a dream, my second round of thoughts were, "Are they still alive? Are they still in the house? Did they escape and we didn't hear it?" Yup, they were all fine. BabyGirl was still asleep & the others were playing happily in their bedroom. #1 Son told me they didn't wake up until nine and they stayed in their rooms as they were told.

Leave it to us to learn how to sleep in 13 days before school starts.


Anonymous said...

I thought that said fully infested in bed bugs at first lol

FarmWife said...

Oh heavens, no! Thank the Lord!