July 29, 2011

Mother Nature's Hot Flash didn't so much "Flash" as "Pull up a Chair & Stay for Dinner."

I am so over this summer. I know I griped about the cold & snow all winter but I've had about all of the 90+ degree, 90% + humidity days I can handle. The heat has taken on a nearly malicious tone lately. It's no longer just a hot, muggy summer. It's beginning to feel like the heat is malevolent & intentional. I fear I may accidentally boil the FarmHands in their swimming pool.

Last week they wanted me to empty the ice trays into the pool. Unfortunately, it would have been far too little far too late. This week we have only made it out of doors before 5 o'clock once...and that dip was very short lived. My skin felt like it would blister just walking from the clothes line to the pool.

We've been cloistered in doors for the past 3 weeks or so. Hours of Wii, Disney Channel, coloring, and Little People play sets have been our salvation. Well, less like salvation and more like a desperate attempt to keep sanity in the general vicinity. I'm not going for improvement of their minds at this point. I'm going for please don't let them murder & eat one and other. Especially since it's too hot to cook & they'd be eating their siblings raw. Ewww.

Next week is Vacation Bible School at church. With no end in sight to this oppressive heat, that means 2-3 hours a night, all week long, in a sweltering building crammed with 50 or so sweating, sticky children and 30-40 exhausted & nearly dehydrated adults. I'm beginning to think we need to move VBS to the middle of October. Please pray we have a good week & no one melts into a pew. They're solid wood antiques. Oh, and we really like the kids better when they don't have to be scraped into a bucket to be returned to their parents.

(Disclaimer: I really do love the week of VBS as much as I may will gripe about the heat, noise, amount of work, craziness, and exhaustion. I'm teaching 3rd & 4th grades again this year & I hope & pray some kids, who wouldn't hear it any other way, will learn about the love of Christ!)

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Layla said...

Dude, the kids go back to school next week here. How sad is that?