July 24, 2011

Oh the Dilemma....

I have a purple laundry room.

I know, it's horrible, isn't it? I just don't know what to do. I may need therapy.

Wait, I'm pretty sure I've left out some important details. What have we covered so far? Oh, yes, I have a purple laundry room.

Have I mentioned the red washer & dryer that are being delivered to my house tomorrow? I haven't? Whoops. That may help clarify things a bit.

Can you really put a red washer & dryer in a purple laundry room? Is it socially acceptable or a complete interior design faux pas? I'm really in a quandary over this.

In case you've missed it, or you live in say...Canada...we in the Midwest have been suffering through the hottest summer since the 1930's. I have a mildly defective outdoor thermometer hanging in my kitchen window & it's read over 100 degrees every day this week. The humidity has lingered around 98-99% all week. It's been like living in a pile of wet blankets. Hot, wet blankets. Smelly, hot, wet blankets. It's not been pleasant.

Thursday night my dryer committed suicide. I'm not sure what happened. I assumed it was protesting having to run in such unholy heat & humidity, but that same humidity was keeping clothes on the clothes line damp for hours days weeks. Yes, weeks. Weeks & weeks. At least that's my excuse for running it during a record breaking heat wave...that & totally not the fact that just stepping out my back door left me in desperate need of a shower & the FarmHands were succumbing to total anarchy when left alone long enough to hang a load of towels.

Husband came home from work & tried to use his FarmBoy skills to resurrect it but sadly his efforts were in vain. He talked to his buddies at work & was told a similar occurrence happened to one of them. Said buddy had his dryer fixed only to have it give up the ghost for good 3 months later. That's when Husband decided it was probably time for a new dryer. Being All High Queen of the Laundry around here, I wasn't about to argue.

So yesterday we loaded up the FarmHands (such a brilliant idea when you're going appliance shopping...take 4 kids who will be bored & all have to pee within the first 3 mintues of actual shopping) and headed to town to see what Sears had in stock. We didn't plan on purchasing, just looking (this seems to be a theme with us). We both agreed that as long as the heat held, there was no immediate need for a new dryer. The clothes line works just fine.

But then they called to me. They are the yet to be named major appliances that are coming to live at my house tomorrow. They are a matched set of Red LG front load washer & dryer we found for $800 off the MSRP. And yes, I am totally going to name them. I'm not sure what yet, but I'll get there. And have I mentioned the $800's off?

Husband's biggest hang up was the fact that they are red & just a few months back we painted the laundry room purple. Yesterday he was threatening to paint it white, but I firmly put my foot down. "If you paint my laundry room, we're going to have words, Mister." See how firm I can be? Like granite.

I'm not at all worried about the color issue ($800 off, people!). I think it will look fine. For those of you saying, "Who cares? It's not like anyone really sees your laundry room anyway," um, yeah, they do. Every time they come in our house. Our most frequented entry way to the house is from our side door...that leads from the small mudroom to our kitchen....with the laundry room coming off one side.

At least my fancy new washer & dryer will get noticed.


kitty said...


Kork said...

Who cares what color the walls are??? Seriously - my machines happen to be white, because I did NOT want the DARK BLUE (almost black!) machines in my little room. Right now, my walls are primer white as we wait for my motivation to yank down wallpaper in my powder room to have the walls re-textured. And seriously? WHO CARES!?!?!?!?!?

You can always move them away from the walls, cover them and paint later when its NOT 500 bazillion degrees outside...

Post photos!!!!!

Layla said...

Go with it! Most people have utterly boring houses, I say a little bit of color never hurt anyone!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the heat, but happy you will have new appliances. Can't wait to hear the names.