July 25, 2011

Love at first Spin Cycle

I have found true appliance love. And it's Wild Cherry Red.

There was a brief time when I thought this all was a huge mistake & we'd just dumped $$ down the toilet....but then Husband & the Sears guys did their magic (it was a very minor snafu) & now I'm in love. And the red? It looks great with the purple walls. I don't care what my husband thinks of it. I adore the colors together.

My current favorite feature: the timer that tells me exactly how long I have to wait until the awesome video game/ring tone chime rings to tell me it's time to empty my washer. Oh, and the fact that I can't hear the spin cycle all over the house like we're amplifying it with sub woofers. Oh, and the million different settings I can use depending on the material I'm washing. Oh, and the light inside my dryer. Oh, and the 3/4 less water it's using to wash the gigantic mattress cover that never did fit in my old washer. Oh, and the 7.4 cubic feet of space in the dryer that will dry all the towels we've used today instead of having to save some for tomorrow's wash....which would then equal 2 loads. Oh, and the rack I can put in the dryer to dry sweaters or sneakers. Oh, and the load sensor on the washer that lets me know how much detergent I need to put in. Oh, and the fact that the FarmHands can now sit mesmerized by the laundry instead of the television. Oh, and BabyGirl's announcement that she wants a washer "just like this one when I grow up because it's so awesome!"

I just finished sanitizing my sheets. Yup. No crazy sheet germs here. I may be up all night hunting for things to stuff in the 4.2 cu. ft. of my new washer. How many loads of laundry is too many for one day?

If you don't hear from me for a few days, you may want to send someone from an LG Front Load Washer support group to drag me out of my laundry room. Oh, and I'm starting a new Twitter hashtag: #LaundryIntervention. Join the discussion!


Inkling said...

I am so hiring you to be my laundress. I figure it's a win-win. You get to use your new love machine; I get laundry done for me without having to use the miniscule washer that is in this suite, and maybe we even get to somehow magically see each other more than once a year. Yeah, you're hired.

Kork said...

I am SO glad you love them and that the snafu is all better...hooray for FABULOUS appliances that make you actually enjoy doing a chore like laundry!!!!!!!

And you know what? There is no such thing as too many loads for one day when you can wash EVERY PIECE OF WASHABLE FABRIC in your house in that thing in FAR LESS time than your old set...sigh...laundry bliss does happen!

Layla said...

My clothes are coming via fed-ex. Be ready!