January 13, 2011

An abundance of time.

Shortly before Christmas, we moved the computer into our bedroom. We are one of those quaint families with only a desk top that must stay in close proximity to our phone jacks. Since Husband naps a great deal during the day to make up for the total lack of sleep he gets at night, I have had to curb my Internet usage severely. And guess what. I'm not dead, yet.

It's amazing. You'd think I would have all this free time left since I'm not spending hours a day browsing places like www.cakewrecks.com and www.lamebook.com and www.savagechickens.com and the like. You'd think I would suddenly become an uber-productive member of society knitting hats for war widows and teaching blind orphans the states and their capitals. But instead I've been sucked into the worlds of Doctor Who, Firefly, Criminal Minds, and anything involving classic literature translated to film.

Someone help me before I turn into a couch cushion.

I am still doing Zumba at least 5 days a week. I only skip it on days when I've been very busy or spent the entire day cleaning house (that counts as cardio, doesn't it?).

It hasn't helped that we've spent most of the past few weeks snowed in in some form or another and that the FarmHands have been housebound making us all a bit testy. And I figure there's little to no point in really cleaning my house when my children are trapped inside and will just come behind me and destroy everything I've struggled to accomplish.

They went back to school today for the first time since Monday and I spent a full hour folding laundry. Just folding. Not washing or drying or ironing. After that I crashed like a 18 wheeler on black ice and spent most of the day vegging out in front of the telly (yes, I said telly. Sue me. Or sue the BBC since I've been watching it all afternoon). But I'm sure that had nothing to do with the hours spent on the couch last night when a certain small girl decided sleep was for wimps and instead we were going to, "Count all our letters."

Tomorrow is town day and I feel I must accomplish something. Even if it is a very small something....like putting away the laundry I folded today. Just kidding. I'm making the FarmHands do that.

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Rae Frazier said...

I love your honesty and humor! Have a great weekend!