January 10, 2011

I have an announcement to make. I, your friendly neighborhood FarmWife, am so, so smart. Just ask Bitsy. She'll tell you. Especially when it comes to finding important things in drawers like apple corers. Brilliant, I tell you.

You can all go on about your lives now.

Or you can stick around to hear how I finished my first 45 minute work out on the Wii tonight. Or how I had a dream that Bubba and Beck had a 3 month old son I knew nothing about and they named him Camden Druid (ugh). Or how I adore Despicable Me (as a friend said, it's "Unbearably Cute"). Or how I do not want to eat anything currently in my house that takes less than an hour to prepare and I simply do not have the patience to cook tonight. Or how Bitsy informed me that I'm really, really mean because I wouldn't let her turn the light on & off in the fridge while I wiped down the shelves.


Penny said...

not being able to enjoy having fun in the fridge would bum me too! :-)

HeatherInTheBoro said...

Do you have to have a wii fit board to do zumba?

zann said...

I loved Despicable Me. So cute. I want my very own minion.