December 10, 2010

Band and Best Friends

It turns out, BabyGirl isn't as keen on joining the band as I was keen on her joining the band. Given her choice, she'd much rather learn to play guitar. That sounds much more reasonable to me. I think we'll tuck that idea away for her birthday since her summers are pretty wide open.

There were rental options available for between $25 and $45 a month. Doesn't sound like much, but if you figure it into a rent-to-own option, you end up paying double what the instrument is worth....and it's yet another bill to add to our monthly pile. I really don't want to do that. There are some instruments available for free from the school on a first come first serve basis. But since BabyGirl wasn't all that sure she wanted to join, I figure there are kids who really want to be in band and cannot afford the rental fees.

And the thought of adding to BabyGirl's current work load isn't really something I want to consider. She has so little down time through the week, I'd hate to push her into something she's not sure about.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm a bit worried about Bitsy's imaginary friends. She's the only one of our four kids to really have imaginary friends....and they're not very nice. Neenee hasn't been here in weeks because every time she came to play, she pinched and had to be sent home. Moomah has taken her place as the favorite imaginary friend lately. Moomah sleeps a lot...and goes to the store almost daily. She texts and calls on the old cell phone Uncle Little BIL gave Bitsy constantly, but she's not often around the house. The few times she's been here, she's said things that were "bad" according to Bitsy. Bitsy yells at her and tells her she has to leave. I haven't heard anything about Googie (who's name changes randomly) in quiet a while. Bitsy just told me Googie's been singing lately. Maybe that's why she's too busy to play.

Who has imaginary friends that they don't want to play with? And don't most kids' imaginary friends live at home with the imaginer? Not ours. They all have their own homes or possibly one home they share- I'm not sure. They might have parents of their own (it depends on the day of the week and Bitsy's mood). They all have their own pets. They have lives far apart from ours. They have adventures we know little about.

I guess it's better than when my friend Did had an imaginary boyfriend. She was 5 or 6 (I think). He broke up with her. Maybe Bitsy's related to Did.

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