December 11, 2010

And We're Done.

Mostly. With the Christmas shopping. MIL came and watched the FarmHands today while Husband and I made the mother of all Wal-Mart runs for groceries and gifts. We returned much poorer but loaded down with kid swag out the wahzoo.

Our biggest problem now is that my closet floor is hidden underneath a pile of unwrapped gifts and empty Christmas tree boxes. Oh, and B.B. has decided to randomly burst into tears because we won't let him open, "Just one of my little presents." I'm not sure I can deal with 2 full weeks of his unprovoked breakdowns.

In a moment I'm going to attempt to bake my first (and second) pecan pie. I'm not terribly worried since I have Grandma M&M's recipe to work from. But I do fear I may fall asleep while rolling out my dough. Last night I went into my kitchen at shortly after four and didn't leave it until after nine. I made another batch of pfefferneuse dough, a batch of double pie crust dough, a chicken pot pie, chex mix, & cranberry salad, washed what seemed like every dish in my house, cleaned out the kids games and coloring books cabinet, and took out enough trash to fill a small closet. All while breaking up fights, chatting on the phone, and singing along to REM.

Go me.

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