September 20, 2010

Sniffing the fumes of lovelieness.

Imagine if you will, a young couple moving into the first home they've purchased together. It's a lovely home. Some would call it a starter home being of the 3 br, 2 bthrm variety, but this young couple plans on living out their lives in it. It's a simple house with enough light to make the wife happy and when she is happy so is he.

Imagine again, if you will, that the couple is asked by the company who put their house in to allow a year before they paint the walls. This year will give the house time to settle & that may cause the dry wall to crack a bit in places. After that year the company will send someone back to repair any cracks and then the couple can paint to their hearts' desire.

Imagine one last time that the couple is expecting their second child just weeks after moving into the home and their third before the one year waiting period is up. What do you think has happened to the paint plans? You guessed it. They've been put aside to leave more time for napping and diapering and potty training and putting up fence to corral the new livestock.

Seven plus years later & the only rooms that have been touched are the kids' rooms and the kids' bathroom. One room is bright pink and the other 2 are light green. The rest of the house is still sporting spray-on-primer-white.

Things need to change, folks.

Yesterday we went to Wal-Mart after attending Husband's family reunion to look at water seal for the FarmHands' play ground equipment. Instead we left the store with 2 gallons & one quart of paint from the "oops" shelf. You know the paint people have mixed then change their minds or get it wrong? It's half price. Choosing the color scheme of your home around other people's mistakes is an interesting way to go.

And even more interesting are the rooms we've chosen to paint. Last night Husband painted my laundry room. No one ever comes in our front door. Our side door is the normal point of entry and it leads into a small mud room that is part of my laundry room. It leads from there into my kitchen. My mud room/entry way/laundry room is now a lovely shade of purple. I wish it had a name, but alas, "oops" paints are nameless. Perhaps I shall name it Dusty Amethyst.

The second room we painted is less a room and more a hall way. It's the hall that opens off the kitchen and runs between the kids' rooms with their bathroom in the middle. It is now a yet-to-be-determined shade of dark gray. I think it's more purple than gray. Husband says it's a blue gray. The kids are split on the matter.

In all this, the thing that strikes me odd is that our kitchen, living room, and master bedroom are all still primer-white. Don't most people paint the public areas of their homes first? I think there is something wrong with us. I'm hoping this color infusion will lead to more color bleeding into the kitchen and living room...but I'm not holding my breath. We've averaged a room every other year so far. That means the house should be done around 2016 or so.

In totally unrelated news, BabyGirl came home with a Silly Band today. When I asked where it came from she said, "Kyle gave it to me. You know, my ex-boyfriend. Someone threw it at him so he just gave it to me."
"So he just gave it to you but he's not trying to get you back, right?" I asked....tentatively.
"OK. Just checking. When was he your boyfriend?" I only found out about this "relationship" last week or so.
"Back in third grade." Yeah, way back in third grade...last year.
"Why did you break up?"
"Oh, because he only wants girls for their money......and he was cheating." Oy. They sure do start out young. And I'm not really sure I want to know what constitutes "cheating" when you're 8. I'm really hoping it means he chased another girl during tag at recess.

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