September 18, 2010

Just a little something to think about during the off season

Just before school started, Husband took a day off work so we could take the FarmHands to the local pool for one last hurrah. We had spent most of the summer swimming happily in our own back yard. It's surprising how sheltered you can become in a short period of time. Apparently this past summer new swimwear fashion rules were passed while I was left in the dark.

Here's what I learned is now acceptable for public swim:

  • Everyone can now wear string bikinis. And by everyone I mean EVERYONE. Are you 58 pounds overweight? Tie one on. Have you passed your 60th birthday recently (and are not Cher or Demi Moore)? Tie one on. Are you entering first grade? Tie one on. It's the new suit for all bodies!
  • If you don't have a swimsuit at your disposal a black lace bra and pastel tank top will fit the bill. Or how about a yoga top? It not only doubles as a cover-up but can pinch hit for a Tankini top. Who needs structure and support in a bathing suit top? Really, both are overrated.
  • If you're a 14 year old boy, you'd better keep your boxer shorts on under your swim trunks. Chicks dig it. They also love it when you wear white shorts with your black Underroo briefs underneath. With this look you are sure to rule the pool (especially if you get the girls' attention by trying to drown your buddy or picking fights with other skinny 14 year old boys).
  • Finally, forget the need to check your bathing suits transparency when wet in the privacy of your own home. I mean, if it's black and modest looking on the rack, it will be the same when soaked through in a public pool, right? Of course right.

Next year when we go back I'll be more prepared. I'll forget my 1940's inspired suit complete with full lining, great support and modest coverage and stick with maybe a string bikini bottom and a random bra & tank top from my everyday wardrobe.

I will add that showing up to the pool only to find out it's Free Swim Day is awesome! It's also awesome when the pool has a 3 story tall water slide. You can pretty much forget the need for the rest of the pool as far as B.B. is concerned. Just give that boy the slide & it's well& he's good to go. Bitsy on the other hand, was happy with the water inlets that sprayed up from the bottom of the walk in area of the pool. She camped out around one shouting, "Mommy look! It's Awesome!"

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Kork said...

Blame it on the economy - apparently NO ONE in your neck of the woods (or mine, for that matter) could buy an entire swimming suit...only a string bikini, or, in some cases, could sacrifice their favorite bra and tank!