July 13, 2010

Time Changes Everything

Last year, BabyGirl made her first trip to TN to stay with Grammy & Pa all by herself. Early on in her stay, Grammy taught her how to dial our phone number (she'd never dialed long distance on her own). She started calling me multiple times a day. On a slow day I got 3 calls. And she never really had much to say. She was just checking in to be sure we hadn't secretly moved while she was on vacation. One time she called & had so little to say that she tried to put Art's Syd on the phone to talk to me. HT often had to fill that spot.

This time, it's an entirely different story.

She talked to us twice her first day and hasn't called since. Bitsy needed to talk to BabyGirl last night, so we called her. The conversation when something like this:

BabyGirl- Hi, Bitsy!
Bitsy- Hello, BabyGirl!
BabyGirl- How are you?
Bitsy- Me good. Bye.
BabyGirl- Ummm...Bye.
Bitsy- (to me) Ha, ha! Mommy, BabyGirl say 'bye' me. Ha, ha!!

I got back on the phone with BabyGirl.

Me-Hey, Baby. Are you having a good time at Grammy's?
BabyGirl- Hi Mom. Yeah. We're having fun. I'm watching TV and playing on the computer.
Me-I'm glad.
BabyGirl- I have to go now, Mom. Grammy's trying to do something on the computer and she doesn't know how to do it. I have to go help her. Bye.
Me- Bye, Baby.

Yup. She hung up.

QM called me back a few minutes later thinking Bitsy had hung up the phone. I told her BabyGirl said she needed help. They were setting up a favorites folder so BabyGirl could find her favorite websites on Grammy's computer. That cracked me up because BabyGirl doesn't get on line at home....at all. At Grammy's she's quite the little Internet surfer.

By next year I'll just get text messages: hi mom-2 bzy 2 tlk-ily-ttyl <3 BG

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Inkling said...

Okay, I keep seeing this "<3" sign and was thinking it's a typo. But apparently, more than one person uses it, so it must stand for something. Do enlighten me. Obviously, when my cell phone records say I've sent 12 texts total, you can imagine that I'm a little ignorant here.