July 12, 2010

One down, three more to go

We're having a fire sale here on the farm. Buy one child, get one free. We'll even toss in a dog if you call in the next five minutes.

OK. Maybe not.

BabyGirl went home with QM and Daddy yesterday. They were at Grandma M&M's house for the weekend. Uncle Gick is at their house to help Daddy build a staircase to the attic in "Drammy's dradge house," as HT calls the garage. When Uncle Gick heads home he'll bring BabyGirl back with him. It's a bit open ended (which doesn't bother me in the least) and that's causing some confusion among her siblings. "When is BabyGirl coming home? I miss BabyGirl," even though they've spent the last month screaming at each other and vowing to hate each other to their graves.

She was so excited about going that she tried to get out of church yesterday. "What if they get here and we're at church?!" I told her they would not leave without her. "I know. But I just want to go. I don't want to have to wait around." Apparently she was ready to get away from us. Then she wanted to take her suit case to church in case they showed up there. She wasn't very happy when she had to leave for church without luggage.

When we met up with QM & Daddy at Bucka's house, BabyGirl got her stuff loaded up, then loaded herself up in the truck. QM & Daddy were still chatting & saying good bye to everyone. BabyGirl was sitting in the truck, ready to go. Eventually she'd had enough & honked the horn at them.

Oh dear.

Last night QM told me that HT was mad when he found out BabyGirl was coming to Grammy's house. It may even have been dangerous. But as soon as she got out of the car, he ran out in the rain (in his Superman cape), hugged her, then drug her off to play with him. HT loves turning unsuspecting children into his minions. He should have a good week.

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