July 17, 2010

And the peace is shattered. But that's OK with me.

BabyGirl came home from her big adventure last night. Bitsy was ready to go pick her up at Uncle Gick's house before they'd even made it through the state of Kentucky. B.B. was nearly as excited. #1 Son couldn't have cared less. He wanted to show her that he lost his remaining top front tooth while she was gone, but past that, he had little use for her.

BabyGirl came across the yard with her new suitcase in tow. Grammy decided she had outgrown the bright pink Tinkerbell suit case Unki Di got her for her fifth birthday so she got her a really cute brown and cream toile carry on. Mama might just steal it. Mama Loves her some toile. Yes, there's something wrong with me. Stealing luggage from my nine year old daughter. (The picture inset is not BabyGirl's new suit case fabric, but I liked it & wanted toile....sue me.)

Bitsy was thrilled because that means the bright pink Tinkerbell suit case is now hers. And it doesn't get much cooler than pink & Tink when you're three.

BabyGirl also brought home some apolstry fabric she and Art's Syd picked out on a shopping trip with QM. I've been drafted into making some throw pillows for the girls. Once I get them finished, the girls may have to pry them from the cold dead hands of their mothers before they can put them on their beds. I'm really loving this fabric!

When BabyGirl is gone, things can get a bit.......well.....calm around here. She has a short fuse. I think she was born that way. She does not deal well with people having their own opinions especially if they differ from her own and especially if said people are her brothers.

So far, things have not been too bad, but I have had to call her out on her behavior a few times. That's not to say the boys don't fight when she's gone, but BabyGirl can become the lighter fluid some crazy person is spraying on the already blazing campfire.
That being said, I'm still glad she's home. I missed her. I missed her willing help with chores I'd rather avoid. I missed getting to laugh with her at Bitsy's antics. I missed listening to her come up with games for the other FarmHands to play. I missed kissing her good night (when she allows it). I'm so glad she's secure enough to spend the week with her Grammy & Pa, but I'm also glad when she comes home.

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