June 17, 2010

When eleven hours just isn't enough.

You may (vaguely) remember my cousin Scottie (occasionally spelled with a Y), his wife, May and their oldest daughter, Katie. Then again, you may have more of a life than me and not hang on every jot & tiddle I put down here.

Well, Miss Katie is here again, spending three weeks of her summer at Uncle Gick and Unkie Di's house. My kids were over the moon when they found out she was coming back. Big plans were made on both sides. Monday we went to get her so she could come swimming with us.

Yesterday we decided to hit up the free family movie our local theater shows on Wednesday mornings in the summer (WONDERFUL thing!!). We picked Miss Katie up at Bucka's house at 9:15 in the morning so we could get a good seat at the movies. It's a good thing we did because every day care and nursing home in the surrounding county brings all their folks to see the movie. Beffie and the boy she babysits met us there.

After the movie, we spent the day playing outside, swimming, eating popsicles, painting nails, and playing some more. The day ended at Uncle Gick & Unkie Di's house with cake & ice cream for Katie's 7th birthday (which was also yesterday). There was more swimming, bubbles to be blown, snap-it's to pop on the patio, kittens to wrangle, and lots and lots of yelling to be done. We left there shortly before 9 last night.

On the way home, B.B. started crying that he missed Katie & wanted to spend more time with her. I said, "What, 11 1/2 hours wasn't enough for you?" and they all chorused back, "NO!"

Tonight, the FarmHands are heading back to Uncle Gick & Unkie Di's to swim with Katie in "Gick's Bitsy sized Pool!!" (as Bitsy calls it. She can touch bottom in his pool, but cannot in ours) while this Mama gets her groove on at Zumba. We should all sleep well tonight!

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Ang said...

awwwww..you are so blessed...sounds like heaven at your end