June 21, 2010

FarmHands on Father's Day

I love living in the country today. Living in the country means I can hang clothes on the line while (still) wearing my nightshirt at noon. If we lived in town, I'd have to actually get dressed and then instead of having to toss my sweaty night shirt in the wash, I'd have to toss actual clothing in the wash.

Secondly, it's HOT. Today I am thanking the Lord for things like Central Air and refrigeration and Crystal Light. Otherwise, I'd be hiding in a dark room somewhere wishing for winter.

And finally, Tips from the FarmHands on how to have the most excellent Father's Day ever!

First of all, make sure Dad gets to do something he loves....like mow the yard. This is really important. If you skip this first step, Dad will get bored & then there's no pleasing him.

Secondly, do fun things with him, like go swimming in the back yard. Let him give you all underwater piggy back rides until he turns blue from holding his breath. He will LOVE this. Trust us.

Third, take him somewhere really cool. Like to the movies. To see something really cool. Like Toy Story 3. It's a great film and Dad likes nothing more than watching our favorite movies...over, and over, and over.

Number 4: take Daddy out to eat somewhere really nice. McDonald's is a great choice! Dad can have a value meal while we enjoy french fries and MILK SHAKES!! Did you hear us?! MILK SHAKES!! With whipped cream!! Yum.

And finally, take the man swimming....again. This time, make sure it's dark outside. Then you can float around and watch the bats swoop down out of the woods to catch bugs. Mama will love this, too.

Hope you enjoyed your Father's Day as much as our dad did!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a blast..I would like to see weather here over 70 please

Kork said...

Sounds like a great day! We're hot too, and I'm wishing we had the budget for a real pool...I'd SO take care of it just to hang out and enjoy days like today when it's going to be 97...

Oh - I solved the whole sweaty nightshirt issue by just not wearing PJs at all... :D of course, I also don't hang my clothes on the line outside because we still don't have one of those either...

FarmWife said...

Kork, I'm a PJ's girl. Cannot help it. I live in mine....and I think I'd be in a hole heap of trouble if I was hanging clothes on the line in my birthday suit...even if we do live in the boonies. :)