June 23, 2010


I've been reading posts from friends on Facebook. There is so much pain in the world.

Two friends from college have a son with innumerable health issues who has to have surgery tomorrow because he can no longer swallow liquids. The mother of one of BabyGirl's friends fell this weekend, dislocating her elbow & breaking her leg in 3 places resulting in surgery. Bubba's best friend got bad news about his mother. She has terminal cancer & has only been given a few months left to live. A close friend of QM's lost her husband unexpectedly.

On top of that, Ang is dealing with some serious issues with the health of her children. And Inkling may be fighting infection again.

These are days when I'd like to crawl into bed & not face the world. None of these issues affect my day to day life, but they all break my heart.

These are days when I must cling to my Lord. He alone is worthy of my praise. He alone is capable of bringing those I love through their trials.


Kork said...

Amen...which friends from college have a sick little guy????

Anonymous said...

(((((farmwife)))))) thank you...Give the kids a hug and love on them.