April 24, 2010

How cool am I?

Out of the last 4 nights, Bitsy's spent 3 of them in her own bed. She & BabyGirl have decided Bitsy's bed needs to be moved into "the girls' room" this summer. I'm all for it.

Rain has finally moved into our area. I was beginning to wonder where the April showers were hiding. Not that I adore being trapped inside with 4 children due to massive amounts of rain & mud, but the water in our pond was dropping. That can't be good this time of year.

Thanks to the rain, I'll have time to spend indoors working on some sewing projects I need to finish. Bitsy is determined to help, but she's scared I'm going to hurt myself on pins. That could have something to do with the fact that I keep telling her, "Don't touch those. You'll get an owie."

While my sewing machine is humming away in the farmland of Illinois, the Queen Mother's will be humming away in her "dradge house" in Tennessee. She's working on a Cosplay outfit for Beck to wear to MTAC. I'd say something snarky, but I've been to Ren Fest in costume....more than once. And would love to go again....shhhh.

You didn't know I was so cool, did you?

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