April 25, 2010

It's Bitsy's world. We're just visiting.

I wandered out of my bedroom this morning to a rather interesting sight. Bitsy was standing in a kitchen chair with her night gown hiked up around her waist, her panties around her knees, wearing red cowboy boots, and shouting, "Me Peed! Me Pooped! Me Peed! Me Pooped!" For a panicked moment, I though she had used the kitchen chair as a toilet. Thankfully that was not the case. She had used the potty, then gone looking for grown-up help before being distracted by the pictures her brothers were coloring at the table.

Bitsy has a new best friend. Her name is Neene. She goes to Bitsy's pre-school (Bitsy is not in school...she takes the big kids to school most mornings with her daddy & refers to it as "go to pre-school"). She's as big as BabyGirl. She's a girl, but she looks like a boy. She has long pink hair & is just "a baby bit pretty," but mostly is not pretty. She's " baby bit bad," too.

Oh, and she's imaginary. She doesn't have a mom or dad & she lives at the school. Bitsy calls her on an old cordless phone I gave her to play with. When the big kids ask her a question & she doesn't want to give them a straight answer, she blames Neene.

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Vic said...

LOL! My oldest daughter had an imaginary friend that lived in the bathroom. We had to sit a place at the table for him a few times. I hope Bitsy (and you!) enjoy the friend as much as we did ours!