April 22, 2010

Plumbers, musical sitcoms, and NO MORE BABIES!

Good news: Not only did a plumber finally call us back, but he showed up & fixed everything except the kitchen sink (because we haven't bought one yet). The plumber who said he was coming to give us an estimate showed up last week, but we still haven't gotten the estimate he said he was going to mail us. Sorry, bud. Early bird gets the worm & all that....not to mention the desire to immediately fix our issues & the $15 less an hour he charges.

I now have a new reason to hate American Idol. Last year it interfered with my House obsession. This year it's cramping my Glee. I set my DVR to record Glee & made sure it would record a full 3 minutes past the scheduled time. AI screwed everything up. It ran way over. I was really loving this week's Madonna inspired episode when *click* my DVR cut out a good 4-5 minutes before the show was finished. Grrrrrrrr.

The only reason I didn't watch it when it was actually on, is because I'm working on getting Bitsy to go to sleep in her own bed & stay there all night. Her being my last baby, rocking was always a priority. I rock her to sleep 90% of the time- both naps & bed time. She still wakes up in the night & crawls in bed with Husband & me. As much as I love cuddling with my baby, it's really keeping Husband from getting decent sleep & I'm tired of being kicked in the night.

Tuesday night I found a sheet of ladybug stickers long forgotten in a kitchen cabinet. I pulled them out & showed Bitsy. Her face lit up like a 100 watt bulb. I told her if she could get in bed & go to sleep like a big girl, she could put a sticker on her bed (it's a white plastic toddler bed Grammy & Pa bought BabyGirl for her second birthday). Then if she stays in bed all night, she gets to put another sticker on in the morning. So far, so good. She still wakes up & comes to get me, but has been willingly led back to sleep in her own bed.

We've been done with diapers for quite a while. If I get my room back, I will really feel like we've completed the baby stage for good. Yahoo!!

I keep reminding myself that this is a good thing. Yesterday, the FarmHands had a school program. There was a 5 month old baby in front of us in the audience & she was enamoured with Bitsy & B.B. I was enamoured with her. She was wiggly and smiley and happy and made me want to (very, very, very briefly) have a happy baby of my own to make silly faces at. Later I told QM it's a really good thing we had that temptation permanently made impossible after Bitsy's birth. Sure, an infant would be fun...for about 15 minutes. But then I remember the zombie like sleep deprivation & being trapped in doors & feeling ostracized from society because of naps & breastfeeding & stinky diapers.

I'll get my baby fix watching Sixteen and Pregnant and waiting for a family member or friend to have another little one. It's much cheaper that way. And I can sleep when I want....sort of.


Staci said...

I've got a 6-yr-old I've been "trying" to get into his own bed for over 2 years. We built up to his 5-yr-old birthday with "Big boys sleep in their own Big beds." He did great for a couple of months. THEN I missed him snuggling me while he fell asleep, I read, and hubby was downstairs watching TV.
2nd build up to his 6-yr-old birthday. This time he flat out told me he'd go to his bed AFTER he fell asleep in mine. He falls asleep with me; hubby carries him to bed when he comes up; 6 yr old awakens in his own room and stays there. It's all good except that he really is getting too big to carry...

Penny said...

go to www.hulu.com to watch the episodes of Glee!!!