April 16, 2010

Hey Y'all, Watch This!

Bitsy has a theme song. I'm not sure it's really appropriate for a 2 year old (yeah, I just looked up the lyrics & it's NOT), but it has a story. We call Bitsy "Bitsy Bee" replacing 'Bitsy' with her actual first name. It started when she was tiny & has stuck to the point that she introduces herself (when she deems it necessary to talk) as Bitsy Bee.

A few weeks back Uncle E asked us if we'd heard the "Bitsy Bee song." Nope. Can't say I have. He said, "It's by the Black Eyed Peas." Wha? Uncle E listens to the Black Eyed Peas? I'm confused. But then I remembered he's the father of 2 twenty-somethings & 2 teenagers. He knows these things whether he wants to or not.

Turns out the song is called Imma' Be (as in I'm Going to Be). Uncle E, Beffie, and J replace the words 'Imma' Be' with 'Bitsy Be' & sing it to her. She loves it & has claimed it as her own. It came on the radio today while we were driving & she spent the rest of the morning shouting for me to, "Pway My Bitsy Bee Song!!!"

So B.B. wants to know what his theme song is. I started singing Chris Cagle's Chicks Dig It. It's about a little boy who jumps off the roof of the shed wearing his mama's curtains as a cape & breaks his arm trying to impress the little neighbor girl. That's my boy...only he doesn't need the little girl to impress. He'd just do it for fun.

To finish off this post, I thought I'd share some pictures of the Playhouse from Hades that was finally completed last weekend. It really wasn't that horrible to construct, just time consuming. And, as you may have read below, B.B. has told us there's not enough to do outside....so maybe I'll post some pictures of all the "nothing" we have to play with in our yard.

Front of the playhouse (that's what the FarmHands call it) & a rear view of Sydney Cat who should be having a litter of kittens very soon. Yeah. More cats. (Sarcasm doesn't really translate well in print.)

Back side of the playhouse complete with hanging flowers & a planter under the slide. Both were Husband's idea....as were the yellow & green chairs on the lower deck. He's practically a professional landscape designer.

Husband built this tepee out of some old logs that used to be the roof of Fort FarmHand & some old tarps. His great grandmother was half Native American. I told him his ancestors were probably rolling over in their graves & laughing at that white boy. In reality, I'm impressed & the kids are thrilled......and the dogs love to hide in it.

There's more, but posting photos is taking hours today. Sorry.

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