March 9, 2010

A change will do you good

You may have noticed a few changes around here. There may be a few more to come. We shall see.

I've added a few pages, the most important one being a list of the cast of characters that frequent Memoirs. If you're wondering who H.T. is or the names of Art's rapscallions or what exactly an Unkie Di is, check there.

Let me know what you think.

For anyone who's wondering, B.B. is recovering exceptionally well from his surgery last week. He's still walking a bit funny sometimes, but has discovered he can run as long as he does it on tippy toes. I frequently find myself reminding him to "SLOW DOWN!! DON'T JUMP OFF THE FURNITURE!! QUIT STANDING ON YOUR HEAD!! DO NOT PICK UP THE DOG!!" Then next two weeks should be fun.

His surgeon told us he could go back to school yesterday, but Husband & I decided against that. Miss G (the pre-k teacher) and Miss T (her teacher's aid) do not need to worry about keeping him calm while trying to corral 19 other 4 & 5 year olds. And I'm pretty sure they really don't want B.B. announcing to everyone that his "penis hurts 'cause it has stitches in it." One of the best things about this whole ordeal is that he may actually learn the difference between a penis & testicles. (Oh, I cannot wait to see what kind of degenerates stumble on my blog after googling things no one should ever google. NO PORN HERE, PEOPLE!!)

After B.B.'s surgery we stayed at Inkling's folk's house. At Uncle M & Aunt D's, B.B. was the head potentate (or so he thought). He lounged on the couch eating Popsicles and crackers, watching videos, playing wikki sticks, coloring on his new dry erase board (a gift from Aunt D when he got home from the hospital), and investigating Uncle M's rock collection including a real dinosaur bone!! Aunt D & Uncle M did a wonderful job making us all comfortable & keeping our patient entertained (thank you, thank you, thank you, Uncle M & Aunt D!!). At one point, B.B. was ready to move in with them.

He did have to be reminded to use his manners & that saying please "in his head" doesn't count. But the best, by far, was when he wanted to pick out a video. I was standing at the entertainment center reading off titles to him when he said, "Mom, just pick me up & carry me over there."

"Why do I need to carry you over here?"

"Well, someone has to." The 'duh, Mom' was implied.

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Kork said...

snigger...I can just hear that little voice imperiously commanding the popsicles be renewed, and the video be changed...hee hee...

I'm so glad he's doing well, and we'll pray that someday, he'll be too embarrassed to tell people about that story...maybe it'll last until he's safely married to some poor quiet girl and he tells her all about it when they talk about children... :D