March 8, 2010

I Want Candy

I have a serious sweet tooth. Once upon a time, I waited all year in anticipation of Easter candy. Now I wait for good jelly beans. Not the cheap, icky things they use to stuff plastic eggs at community egg hunts. I like Jelly Belly jelly beans. I like Starburst jelly beans. I like Sunkist jelly beans. I like Jolly Rancher jelly beans.

But Jelly Belly jelly beans can be dangerous. You're going along, enjoying the fruit-tastic flavors of pear, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, and green apple, when suddenly, you're assaulted by Buttered Popcorn. Chocolate. Cream Soda. Jalapeno. Toasted Marshmallow.

I'm a fruity jelly bean kind of girl. I love fruity Jelly Bellies (is that the correct plural form of Jelly Belly?). Give me lemon, cherry, grape, even coconut (I know, it's not technically a fruit), but leave the rest out. Chocolate jelly beans really freak me out. Chocolate should have a smooth, creamy texture. Not a jellied candy coated texture.

But apparently, it's just me. I think Buttered Popcorn has 4 1/2 out of 5 stars as rewarded by customers. Princess loves them. But she's weird. She also likes salt & vinegar potato chips (ya' know, those don't sound so bad anymore...) and dill pickles. Gross.

But I'd give up all jelly beans for a lifetime supply of Blackberries & Raspberries....the candy kind.


Kork said...

You crack me up...I'm totally a fruity jelly belly kind of girl too, but some of the others aren't too bad...I'd just much rather have the fruity ones, and leave the "alternative" flavors for those who prefer them.

PS - love the new look!

Anonymous said... I want them...LOL

Queen Mother said...

you have some in your kitchen.

we didn't eat anymore after the first day.