March 10, 2010

March is bustin' out all over.

There's my slightly skewed musical nod for the day.

Believe it or not, there was a bright sun hiding behind all those clouds this winter. You ask, how does she know that? Because it's peaked it's warm, yellow face out today. Thank you, Lord!

Today is one of those warm, breezy Spring days that reminds you you won't always have to wear mud boots out in the yard. It allows you to fill your lungs as full as possible for the first time in months. It invites you to stretch out your stiff muscles & skip the sun screen for an afternoon to absorb some much needed Vitamin D.

These are the precious few days after the bitter cold of Winter has moved on and before the heat & humidity of Summer kick in. Days made to be spent exploring the new undergrowth in the woods and sneaking a few pork chops out on the grill. Days I can't wait for the FarmHands to get off the bus so we can tromp through the mud in the yard & pet the baby lambs if they'll allow it.

Today I hauled out the four wheeler & took Bitsy & B.B. on a short trip up to Grandma's & then past Uncle E's. Beffie & Ray-ray stopped by on theirs while Bitsy was napping, but have promised to come back by later so we can all take a ride together.

Days like today remind me why I so wanted to be a Stay-at-home-mom. After months of winter, I begin to forget why I wanted four children & why I was so adamant about staying home with them. That may sound horrible, but the cold & dark has a really bad affect on me. I get testy, irritable, and tired. It never ceases to amaze me what one 70 degree & sunny day can do for my spirits.

I know that every day is a day that the Lord has made, but this is one that is so much easier to rejoice & be glad in!

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zann said...

I'm just giving you an Amen.
I feel the same way. The cold and dark effect me badly it's just amazing what a little dose of sun will do.