February 26, 2010


Why is it that the worse I feel, the more my children act up? Do they have some kind of built in mom-feels-like-crap radar that kicks in as soon as I feel the first twinge of a head ache?

I get a horrible kink in my neck & B.B. spends all afternoon trying to sit on Bitsy.

My kidney issues flair up again and BabyGirl feels the need to scream at anyone who walks near her.

Cramps=endless arguments over The Sweet Life on Deck.

An achy back means Bitsy will run through the house with Buddy's chew toy clenched between her teeth.

Princess & HT will be here tonight. They're staying with us for Aunt M's funeral. I'm really excited about them coming, but if I don't feel better soon, 5 wild kids tearing through my little house could awaken the banshee that lives in me.

Please, Lord, let me feel better soon.


Ang said...

I swear it's a radar thing. That or 6th sense for them kicks in. I hope you feel better

I'm Layla said...

Aw, I hope you feel better soon. :( I have to admit, we took full advantage of our mother not feeling well and acted like total hooligans, because she didn't have the energy to discipline us. I have a feeling that karma in the form of extremely hyper children awaits me.

Kork said...

It's the same button that works to make them need something as soon as you are either up to your elbows in something that MUST be done, OR as soon as you sit down to a hot meal...sigh...

Hope you are feeling better...we're praying for all of you and especially B.B.'s upcoming surgery...