March 1, 2010

Notes on a funeral

Aunt M's funeral was Saturday morning. Princess & HT came up Friday night & stayed the night with us. Princess & I loaded up HT & Bitsy & headed off leaving the older FarmHands in the care of their dad & later their cousins.

Her service was one of the most touching funerals I've ever attended. My Aunt M was a lady. She was kind, generous, and loving. Her husband, Uncle G, passed away the week Husband & I got engaged. I know he was waiting for her with his arms spread wide when she reached the pearly gates.

During the funeral service, HT was semi-happily playing with his cars on the floor at his mom's feet. During a quite moment, he decided it was time to race his cars. "Leady! Set! Go!" but only loud enough for a few rows of people to hear.

Then Uncle G's brother's was telling a story about Uncle G & Aunt M when they were first married. They took him to what's now known as Holiday World....but back then it was Santa Clause Land. To which HT responded, very loudly, "San-ta Clau-se!" Everyone laughed. It was really sweet.

I think Aunt M would have gotten a big kick out of him!

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