September 21, 2009

You should see what Spell Check does to this post.

The Queen Mother babysits HT while Princess is at work & Axl sleeps (he works nights). HT does everything with his Grammy (who he calls "Deem") including blog reading. Last week he discovered my header picture. For a boy born & raised in the city by a rock n' roll Mama & Daddy, he's a little farm boy at heart. He saw the picture & informed his grandmother that they were his boots & Uncle FarmBoy's boots. Nothing QM could say would dissuade him from this truth.

In actuality it goes more like:
"Bee's boots. FarmBoy's boots. Bee's boots."
His own first name is a bit of a mouthful for a nearly 3 year old, so he refers to himself as "Baby" but it comes out "Bee." Husband's name is much easier & one of the few he's got down pat. As far as HT is concerned his Uncle FarmBoy is as close to the second coming as it gets. He adores Husband.

When asked if Haunch (me) and the kids are coming to see him at Grammy's, he nods yes then shouts, "FarmBoy coming! FarmBoy coming, Deem's house!" I'm afraid his little fat boy heart will break when we show up with out Husband. He's got to work, so he'll only be there Saturday for the wedding.

HT's gotten used to coming to our house during this busy summer. I wonder how he'll handle having all his cousins invade his space at Grammy's house. He might not feel like sharing Deem or Deem's toys with his "boys." I wonder if a three year old is capable of evicting a family of 5 from his grandparents' house. We may have to sleep in Mama's new garage (or "Deem's Dradge house" as HT calls it).

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