September 22, 2009

The Circle of Life, Disney Princess Edition

When BabyGirl was turning seven, the Queen Mother gave her a Disney Princess birthday card that played "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." QM said it made her a little sad because she was sure that would be the last birthday BabyGirl swooned over the Princesses. She was right.

In the past year the love of Cinderella and Aurora has been transferred to Hannah Montana & iCarly. Prince Charming can't hold a candle to Zach & Cody. She's stopped singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid & started singing "I Want Fabulous" from High School Musical 2. There was a brief time when both worlds held her interest, but that time is over. The Cinderella CD in her CD player has been replaced by Taylor Swift.

It makes me a little sad. It's fun to see her grow up & develop new interests, but it's difficult to think her next step will probably be towards make up & real boys.

With my boys being so close in age, their interests are pretty much the same. If #1 Son loves the Hulk, B.B. loves the Hulk. If B.B. is mad about Wolverine, #1 Son is mad about Wolverine. Some day that may change, but for now, I can buy 2 of everything & have 2 very happy little boys.

As if she knew Mama wasn't ready to let go of all things Bell & Jasmine, Bitsy has discovered the wonderful world of Disney Princesses. So far they're all Cinderella (I so wish I could play a clip of her saying Cinderella because it goes something like "Ludle-ludle" with a lot of tongue rolling). She doesn't care which Princess is shown, they're all the same in her eyes. They are each fabulous and worthy of love & adoration. Tonight BabyGirl bequeathed her big Cinderella doll & her Cinderella coin purse to her baby sister. Bitsy is thrilled to no end.

It's nice to see the Princesses come full circle. Too bad the Hulk & Iron Man won't share the same fate.

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