September 20, 2009

Thoughts on the coming weekend

The light outside is muted. The skies are hanging heavy & gray. Thunder is rumbling in the distance, but looming closer. The threat of more rain is palpable in the air.

My husband & children went on an ATV ride. I hope they come home dry & in one piece....well, 5 pieces really. I'd hate for them to be strangely fused together.

This time next week I'll be on the road, again. Traveling home from Tennessee. Dejectedly leaving the realm of the Queen Mother. I am so excited to go, but am already dreading time to come back to the realities of every day life.

When I get to my parents' house, I revert. I think most of us do. It's an odd thing when you're the mother of 4 to suddenly feel 16 again. I have a nearly undeniable urge to leave my children entirely in the care of their Grammy & Pa and head out to sit in a Baptist church parking lot until 11 at night.

The coming weekend will be too full to afford me any of those luxuries, but I am very much looking forward to time in my mother's freshly re-done house, laughing hysterically with Art, playing with HT, and watching my FarmHands be mothered by Grandmothers, Great-grandmothers, and a plethora of aunts.

Oh, and did I mention I'm getting a new sister on Saturday? This will be good.


Anonymous said...

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a van load of farmhands and our favorite farmwife. With any luck (and a supply of xanax) I'll be ready to party. Looking forward to THE weekend. Finally will have an even family. Three sons and three daughters. Love you.


Kork said...

Hip Hip Hooray for the impending nuptials! Somehow I never figured Bubba for the "marryin' type" but I'm so thankful that his Beloved has been found and "snagged, bagged and tagged" as Artie would say on Warehouse 13 (HEART THAT SHOW!!!!)

Praying for a safe trip and an uneventful time of preparation leading up to your trip. Tell your FarmBoy that he'll just have to make it through without the chaos and insanity of you and the kiddos being around! :D

Lots of love and hugs and prayers for a wonderful visit!!!!