September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, B.B.

Five years ago today I began the hardest physical journey I've ever been on. B.B. decided being born head first was overrated, so we showed up at the hospital for a scheduled (the day before) C-section. I was not happy about it, but knew that it was the safest thing for B.B. & myself. Turns out the little booger flipped over in the night & was actually head down when he was delivered, but since his head wasn't engaged in my pelvis (I know, TMI for some of you), it would still have ended in surgery. This way I got to avoid the labor.

To say I didn't recover well from my first C-section would be putting it lightly. I was a hot mess. When the nurse came in to get me out of bed for the first time the next morning, I passed out. That was, hands down, the most painful thing I've ever been through.

BUT, I would go through it a hundred times over again for my wild man. He is worth every moment of pain & sadness that accompanied his birth. And now, seeing what Inkling has gone through with Grasshopper's birth, I think I got the easy birth after all.

B.B. has grown into an exceptionally imaginative little boy. Rarely a day goes by when he doesn't make me laugh, make me cringe, scare me out of my whits, asks me a question I cannot answer, kisses & hugs me, tells me he loves me, sings, jumps, runs, yells, cries, fights, tells stories, and generally entertains me. He is a huge blessing in a wild little bundle!
Happy Birthday, B.B. Mama loves you!


Kork said...

Awww! Happy Birthday B.B.! How can you be 5 already???

Have your Momma give you lots of hugs from me!!!

a wandering heart said...

Aww, happy birthday B.B.!