September 23, 2009

B.B. on the importance of marriage.

This time tomorrow I will be loading up the van & preparing for a 5 hour trip south.

This morning B.B. decided he's not coming with me. He announced his plans very calmly over spaghetti & bread sticks. When I asked what he was going to do instead, he said, "I'm just not going, so that means you can't go either, and that means no one is going." I told him that wasn't really an option. I have to go therefore he has to go. "But why do we have to go? We see them all the time! They come to our house."

I told him that Uncle Bubba's wedding was very important & we are required to attend (not to mention the $150 worth of perfectly tailored, cornflower blue, bridesmaid dress hanging in my closet & the fabulous floor length white flower girl dress QM is putting together as I type).

His real concern? "You're going to have to drive the van all night long!" Whoops. In an attempt to squelch the eighteen thousand times I'll be asked, "How much longer till we're at Grammy's house?", I told the FarmHands it would be dark before we're there. To B.B. "Dark" means "We're driving all night long."

He's a bit happier knowing that we'll be there around bed time, but he's still not sure it's worth all this trouble. I should really let him take this up with his uncle.

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