August 1, 2009

FarmWife in Red

Yesterday was a long day. A very long day.

At 7:30, B.B., Bitsy & I left home & drove 60 miles south so they could go to the dentist. B.B. has yet another cavity. Hurrah. Bitsy did pretty well for it being her first trip to the dentist. She came home with a fish tub toy, so she's happy.

We ate lunch at IHOP, then headed home....oh, that is after Bitsy bit into an ammonia capsule she dug out of the first aid kit in my purse while we were browsing Target's clearance racks. Ewwww.

Got home around one. Just in time to toss together some lunch for Husband to take to work, sit down for a few minutes, then load all 4 FarmHands up & head to the school for registration.

After registering the 3 oldest kids for school (B.B. for Pre-K), and having a few laughs with the principal & school secretary, we headed to Bucka & Busha's. Visited there for a few minutes, then I took all 4 FarmHands to Wal-Mart to pick up school supplies & groceries. 2 hours later, we hit the McDonald's drive-thru and headed back to the farm.

I was hesitant about making the trip on my own with all 4 kids, but Husband had to work again today & we were in serious need of milk....again. We also have a family reunion today & I wanted to have my ingredients on hand when I woke up this morning instead of rushing around all day like a mad woman. They were really very well behaved while we were out. I can't truly complain about it.

Today I am very glad I made the trip because my knee woke me up at 3 o'clock this morning. Once again it's swollen, red, painful, and hot to the touch. Makes me wonder if that orthopedic doctor that spent all of 10 seconds examining me knew what he was talking about. It's not as bad as it was last time, but still not really fun.

So, what does every slightly frazzled mom-on-the-go need to perk her up after such a day? Bright. Red. Lipstick. Of the Maybelline Color Sensation line. Red Revival to be exact.

Once upon a time, I wore bright lipstick. Often in the red family. Maybe this will truly be a Red Revival for me. Maybe I will be reminded of a time when I was just a girl...not a mom, not a wife, not an adult...just a girl with bright red lips.


Gail said...

Great post!

Elise said...

Yes, just brilliant, thank you