August 4, 2009

On Knees & Nephews

At 3 am Saturday, I was dreaming that I had repeatedly hit my right knee on something. Son of a gun, if it didn't hurt! About that time, Bitsy decided to make her grand entrance into our room. Husband had just gotten home & collapsed into bed. Suddenly I realized my dream had carried over into the waking world. My knee hurt.

I ended up in the living room at 3:30 browsing Yahoo Answers for information on Bursitis. My knee never ended up quite as swollen as the last time I battled this (July 14th to be exact), but it's still not been pleasant.

By Sunday night I was running a low grade fever, had a horrible headache, and felt like I was coming down with the flu. Yesterday morning, I called the doctor's office for an appointment. He said he thinks it's an infection (exactly what the orthopedic specialist said a few weeks ago), but that I wasn't on a strong enough antibiotic the first time around. Doc broke out the big guns. Levaquin. Used to treat infections or to prevent or slow anthrax after exposure. Anthrax! This stuff better do the trick.

I say "better do the trick" because if the swelling, redness, fever and pain come back again, he wants to "do a fluid draw & cultures" which is code for "stick a big friggin' needle in your knee." Yahoo.

In the meantime, this week is VBS at church. The kids have a blast. I have a blast. We're all left exhausted by weeks end. I'm not teaching this year because tomorrow is #1 Son's tonsillectomy. I didn't think it wise to commit to being some where the night my son has his tonsils yanked out.

The Queen Mother & Heir to the Throne (also known as QM & HT, or my mother & my perfect, nearly 3 year old nephew) are here to help out. HT's been very excited to come babysit his cousins for me. Daddy told me most of the trip north, HT hollered, "Yoo-hoo! Haunch House!" (For some reason the boy calls his mother "Bum," his grammy "Deem," and me "Haunch." I'm not sure which one of us has it worse....well...Grammy did back when he called her "Dam" especially when he got excited & called her Grammy Mama which came out "Dam Bum!") I'm very excited that he's here. His cousins are thrilled that he's here. I hope they can all stay friends this week.

Husband is threatening to take the three oldest FarmHands swimming this morning at the local pool. I'm all for it. Especially since I won't be going. Bad knees & slippery surfaces are not a good combination.


Elise said...

Good Golly miss molly - fingers crossed it does the trick for you !

Staci said...

I hope it works, and I don't enjoy being a partypoopper, but I've heard some bad things about Levaquin from my MIL. Here's a link that describes things very similar to what she's gone through.

Gail said...

I hope this works. I was placed in the hospital with an infection, it is not fun!