November 6, 2008

NaBloPoMo Day Six & a great deal of randomness.

This NaBloPoMo thing is really kicking my butt. I mean, how am I supposed to come up with a post every single day! I'm beginning to doubt I have it in me.

OK, you can quit laughing now. Today is day six for the month. This will be post number eight for the month....unless you include my post on Mom's Marbles. Then it's post number nine.

This morning I woke up & went all International House of FarmWife on my children. A double batch of buttermilk pancakes & stewed apples to top them with. Yummy. The FarmHands were thrilled.

After getting the big kids bundled off to school, breakfast cleaned up, and the sheets going in the washer, B.B. & I sat down to a riveting game of Sorry (which he calls Sorry Sliders). We followed that up with a round of Chutes & Ladders & a dip into the candy jar.

Then B.B. & Husband started their early morning wrestling match (beating time) while I tucked into Lori's Drama 2B Mama & cried over her adoption stories. I wept out of joy for Lori & Rob & out of sadness & pride for their firstmothers. Adoption amazes me on all levels.

Then I laid on the floor with Bitsy & her Daddy while she pointed out our eyes, noses, mouths, and chins. You really have no idea how funny it is that my husband has eyes. Really, it's hysterical. Just ask Bitsy.

In other news, BabyGirl is having serious trouble paying attention & finishing her work at school. I am beginning to worry that ADD may be rearing it's ugly head in a child with enough issues already. We have a family history of it & her SPD means she's already predisposed. I'm going to pick up some flax seed oil for her this week. Omega-3 is supposed to help with attention issues.

As for the fleas, I'm thinking the one we found was a fluke. There's no where for them to hide on her & she's still itching. I bleached her bedding last night. Either the one she had irritated her skin horribly or she has skin allergies. I gave her a dose of Benadryl this morning & am going to look for a soothing spray for her tomorrow at the store. A good hard freeze would be welcome too...just in case.

Oh, and I'm making a concerned effort to limit our TV viewing. We're one of those families who leave it on all day even if we're not really watching it. Bad, I know. I'm trying to curb this....and I'm trying to stay off the computer when BabyGirl & #1 Son are home from school & awake. We'll see how this goes.

Next I have to get to work on those beds I stripped, fold some towels, & thaw out some chicken for lunch. What an exciting life I lead. Don't you wish you were me?


Memarie Lane said...

we got rid of our tv 5 years ago. we can still watch the shows we love on hulu, and of course we have netflix, but we're not mindlessly staring at the screen all day as we once did. i highly recommend it.

Lori said...

Awwww. You really made my day by saying that. Yes, we are immeasurabley blessed.

Yuck on the fleas. I might have to take a dose of benadryl mySELF, just from reading about it! It's nice having clean sheets, though.

Mrs. Anweiler said...

Not that I am a vet or anything, but your dog may have allergies. I took my cat to the vet last year because he was itching and licking all the time and he lost a lot of fur. She said that he just had allergies. He has it mostly in the spring and the fall. Anything...that's what I found out.

Gail said...

You might try vitamin E for the skin problems. Cures from the inside out.
If blogging is a chore, do not do it! You must enjoy it or it's just another job. You blog so well! I use mine for's free too!