November 5, 2008

She don't need no stinkin' fur.

I would just like to remind you what my Lilly May looked like before today. Actually, this is an older picture. She wasn't quite this fluffy this morning, but close. We've been battling fleas lately. Actually, I should say we've been battling a flea. I have searched & combed & bathed her & checked & hunted & never found a single flea. But she's been biting & scratching & carrying on like a mad woman for the past few weeks.

Today Husband decided to take drastic action. He took a pair of scissors & Lilly out into her dog run & she came in looking like this:

Poor thing. BUT, he did find a single flea. Hopefully the super short cut will help us get a grip on this. I can't say I've ever seen a wirehaired fox terrier with no fur to speak of. Good thing it's not getting real cold outside right now. Maybe I'll pick up a sweater for her at the store this week.


Kork said...

Ooooh! You can try this sneaky trick I learned about!

Anywhere there's carpet or upholstery, sprinkle good old table salt and let it sit over night, or 2 days if you can, and then vacuum the heck out of your house and furniture. The salt apparently kills the fleas and then you can just vacuum them up and dump them in the garbage, and they won't keep on having baby fleas in your trash and vacuum!

As for poor Lily May...knit her a sweater...and then apologize like crazy for insulting her with that haircut. Mean old FarmBoy... :D

Grace said...

Awwww, that poor baby. She looks humiliated and cold! Your hubby should be ashamed of himself!!
The thing with fleas is that you have to repeat your treatment on a regular basis for awhile because it's really tough to kill the eggs. So, even if you seem flea free for awhile, they'll come back when a new batch of eggs hatches. So just redo the carpet every week or so for awhile so the hatched eggs never have a chance to lay new eggs! Been there, done that, don't EVER want to do it again!

Anonymous said...

I don't envy ya'll on the flea issue..and I hope Lilly Mae doesn't decide to hike her leg on farmboy's side of the bed in retaliation (sp?)

Terri said...

poor lilly! my jrt cookie has one spot she constantly scratches and we have not fleas that I have ever seen but she works at that spot like there's something there.