November 7, 2008

"How did it get to be all these days at once, Mom?"

That's what B.B. asked me this morning while we were on the way to town. He said, "Today is school day and doctor day and Rural King day and grocery store day and going to Bucka's day and Daddy's work day." He pretty much summed it all up.

#1 Son's at school. BabyGirl is on a field trip today.

Bitsy had to go in for her vaccines at 8:45 this morning. Husband & B.B. dropped us off & headed to Rural King to do boy things. Then it was off to Wal-Mart to buy one of everything in the store. Yeah, it was one of those days. Diapers, rubber gloves, a new shower curtain, glue, blue jeans for Husband, a coat for Husband, a dog bed for Lilly, anti-itch spray for Lilly, carpet sprinkle to kill the imaginary fleas, toilet cleaner, Oreos, ham, lemon juice, tooth brushes, canola oil, enough chips to feed a small army, a light bulb, and about 7,428 other things.

After school today BabyGirl & I are going to talk to her teacher about the attention issues she's having. Bucka & Busha are going to keep Bitsy & B.B. for me. Then we have to make a quick trip to the feed store to pick up sheep feed.

There's that phrase "I try to take things one day at a time, but lately lots of days have attacked me at once." That's our day. So how many days is it at your house today?


Gail said...

I have a tip for Lilly that may work. If you give her a small vitamin E pill, she may stop itching. E is for the skin. With winter coming on, it may just be dry skin. We had a dog with the same problem, no fleas but scratch, scratch. I started her on 100U vitamin E...after a few days the scratching stopped.

PS...all my days seem to be too many days!

Lori said...

I'd never heard that phrase -- it's a good one!

Is Bucka short for Grandpa? My daughter called hers "Bunka."

Hope you did all right during the vaccines. So hard for a mama!