November 11, 2008

If you could be any literary charater, who would you be and why?

This week is National Young Readers Week. In honor of that, the kids are going to parade around the town square on Friday dressed as their favorite book characters & carrying the book. Mrs.M, the title one/reading room teacher, was adamant about not buying them costumes for the parade. She said to just use what we have on hand.

That can be a tough thing around here. My kids have dress up clothes...well, BabyGirl does...but since we don't do Halloween, we don't have many character costumes.

My brain went into overdrive to try to come up with costumes for both kids made with things we already have that correlate to literary characters & include clothing BabyGirl will actually wear. Not an easy task. Thankfully Mrs.M gave us nearly 2 1/2 weeks notice (unlike Mr.M, the music teacher, who sent a note home of Friday saying, "Your child needs to wear X for the Veterans Day program on Monday." Grrrr).

A few years ago QM gave the kids the cutest books: Gigi, God's Little Princess and Will, God's Mighty Warrior both by Sheila Walsh. They're really awesome books for kids & my kids adore them. So we've decided they're going to be Gigi & Will. BabyGirl also had the option to be Fancy Nancy (another favorite around here), but she oped for Gigi.

BabyGirl will wear her new pink leopard print track suit and a feather boa & we'll rag curl her hair to get it as big as possible. #1 Son will wear jeans & a t-shirt with his superhero cape made by Grammy, his farm boots, and a bike helmet (we don't have a football helmet). He's not thrilled with leaving his sword at home, but there's a strict "no weapons" rule.
They are so excited. I hope it doesn't rain! That would be a disaster.

This leads me to my question for the day: If you were invited to a literary themed party, who would you go as?

Me? Oh, it's a toss up. I would love to go as Hester Prynne...not because I loved the book, but because her costume would be fun. And although Jane Eyre is my favorite character from her book, I'd love to go as Bertha Mason, or even Grace Pool. I am odd, aren't I?

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Kork said...

You're not odd! I was sitting here thinking that I would have a hard time coming up with a costume to be Curious do you find a monkey suit in my size???

OK, seriously, I think that this parade is AWESOME! And I wish more parents were into books as you are!

I know my kids will be "the weird ones" because we're already reading classics and Capt Chaos is only 2 1/2! :D