November 10, 2008


Today has not been a wonderful day.

I had a better post in progress but Husband & I had...well...issues & I've dumped it (don't ask).

Because of the afore mentioned "issues" I was not happy most of the morning.

I was also very tired. Being upset does that to me.

I went to the kids' Veterans Day Assembly. It was good. #1 Son spent the entire program with his hands shoved in his pockets instead of joining in with everyone else doing the motions...but it was still good. Complete with a prayer. Yes, in a public school.

I took the kids to church so I could clean out the cabinet in the preschool Sunday School class room. I'm teaching Children's Church this month & the cabinet was a disaster. Cleaning it out is something I feel I need to do (no one else ever does it) but it always upsets me. There are lots of supplies going to waste because no one can find them & it always looks like someone has let the preschoolers play in the cabinet. I tossed out almost an entire trash can of half colored papers & torn dittos. #1 Son was very helpful. He put together the 7 or 8 puzzles dumped out in the bottom of the cabinet while BabyGirl & B.B. kept an eye on Bitsy. They were all thrilled to be at the church when no one else was there. "Mommy, why are we sneaking in?!" I explained that I have a key, but they still didn't trust me. I think they thought I came by the key unethically.

After that I packed up the kids & headed to Busha's so we could tell her Happy Birthday. It's tomorrow, but we were already dressed & out. She was very happy to get the "cards" they made and the cross book marks they scratched while waiting for me at church. B.B. informed her, "On your birf-day you get toys, Gramma."
I said, "Wow! Does this mean you're going to give Grandma some of your toys for her birthday?"
"Uh, no. I like my toys."
"Well, how's she going to get toys then?"
"Her can just get hers own toys."
Busha said, "That's OK, B.B. I had to sing Happy Birthday to myself once when I was little. I guess I can buy my own toys." When you have a big family & no money to speak of, birthdays aren't that big of a deal. But she always got out of school on her birthday. Wise move being born on November 11th.

We borrowed some movies from J, came home, took baths, watched Tinkerbell & now they're going to bed... but not without a struggle. I think I'll follow shortly.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the not so nice day..and prayers for you and hubby. Hugs and Love and may the rest of your week be great

Gail said...

Sounds like a good day to me. Maybe there was a reason you had issues...then you could go to the church and get to visit someone who enjoyed your company.
Hope today is even better.