October 23, 2008

Weaning, Day one.

Bitsy didn't nurse at all yesterday. She even went to sleep last night just being rocked.

BUT....she still wakes up a few times a night to nurse. Normally I bring her to bed with me, nurse her, and we both go back to sleep. Last night I decided to take her to the rocker in the living room & attempt to rock her back to sleep. She began rooting & crying & wouldn't suck her fingers at all, so I decided that we'd just nurse during the night for a few days instead of going completely cold turkey.

So no more nursing during the day. I think I can deal with that a little better.

I'm not nearly as sad as I was last night. I'm dealing better with the idea of having my teeth cut out & weaning the baby. Hopefully as the cloud lifts today I'll have the energy to get some of my chores done. If not, they may have to dig us out of this house soon. I've been worn thin all week & have only done what is absolutely necessary...which isn't much. I need to get moving.

BabyGirl has been in Cheer leading Camp this week. It runs about an hour & forty-five minutes after school everyday. First through fifth graders coached by the middle school cheerleaders. I have to say, it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. None of the eighth graders seem to know how to "teach" little kids anything. They just do the cheer & expect the little ones to understand what they're supposed to be doing. The results of all this "coaching" is about 25 little girls flinging arms & legs about while shouting the two or three words per cheer they can understand. But they're loving it! And there's something about Little Sally Walker....I dunno'.

Gimme' a W! W! Gimme' an A! A! Gimme' an R! R! Gimme' an R! R! Gimme' an I! I! Gimme' an O! O! Gimme' an R! R! Gimme' an S! S! What's that Spell? -pause - What's that spell? -pause- warriors. Oh, WARRIORS!

They're cheering at the student/faculty basketball game on Friday night. I cannot wait to see this!

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