October 23, 2008

If it makes me happy

Mrs.X asked what makes us happy today. Since I was bummed out last night, I thought this might be a good exercise for me. So here we go (in no particular order):
  • My decision that the weaning shall be a day time thing only. Bitsy can still nurse at bed time & through the night if she likes. Turns out the pain killers won't hurt her. I feel good about this.
  • Darvocet. Don't worry. It's only the second one I've taken in three days & I only take them at night...and then only one (the script says one to two every four to six hours).
  • Knowing this tooth mess will all be over by this time next week...well, most of it.
  • Knowing my mom will be here to chase the FarmHands so I can lay on the couch & eat squishy things.
  • Bitsy & B.B. were funny all morning today.
  • #1 Son looks so cute with his umbrella.
  • BabyGirl is loving Cheer Camp.
  • Tonight at dinner we played best/worst. Each kid told their favorite part of the day & their least favorite. BabyGirl said she loved the entire day (she probably forgot the battle to get out the door dressed in something other than shorts this morning).
  • I got a good chunk of my chores done today including cleaning BabyGirl's bed room (for which she was very grateful).
  • I got to talk to Inkling on the phone & she had good news to share. She passed her glucose test today!
  • I put my wedding band & engagement ring back on tonight (I'd been wearing my other band for the past 2 weeks), & it's very sparkly.
  • The election is in a few weeks, so the ads will be coming to an end!!
  • Someone may come buy the last pup this weekend.
  • It's raining today. We needed the rain to beat down the dust.
  • My new Eden Pure heater.
  • I'm going to bed in just a minute to ride the wave of warm fuzzies this Darvocet has given me.

Good night, all. I hope something made you happy today.


Gail said...

Hang in there! Seems like you have the most important thing in order...your thoughts!

Kork said...

Glad to hear that the Darvocet is ok for Bitsy...

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be happy about! I'm happy for ya!