October 22, 2008

Join me in my pity party.

I am having my wisdom teeth removed next Thursday. Yes, one week from tomorrow. I am not excited about it at all. I am excited about the prospect of the icky things being gone. I am not excited about the process.

Because of the pain meds I plan on relying on after the removal of afore mentioned teeth, I am now officially weaning Bitsy. Because of that decision I am so very very sad.

Don't get me wrong. I am completely comfortable in my decision to wean her. I do not want to be recovering from my tooth extraction & still comfort nursing the baby. I do not want to risk her ingesting what ever pain killers I happen to be on. I was not happy about the Darvocet I took last night to get rid of the horrible pain & allow me to sleep, but since it was prescribed by my OB after I had her (knowing I was breast feeding), I figured it was my safest bet.

Knowing she's my last makes this doubly hard. I weaned BabyGirl the night I found out I was pregnant with #1 Son because I knew breast feeding causes contractions. When you're newly pregnant that poses a (very small) risk to the baby. I knew the risk was small, but since it took so long to get pregnant with BabyGirl, I was terrified to do anything to risk losing baby number two. #1 Son was gradually weaned because my milk was drying up due to stress (G'ma M&M had a stroke when he was little), and I was worried about losing as much weight nursing him as I did nursing BabyGirl (I hit 88 lbs with her). B.B. was weaned at 17 months because I was ready to try for baby number four.

This time it's much harder than I expected it to be. I cried when I got home from buying my cabbage (to help with the drying up process & to prevent engorgement). I'm not sure if we're going to do this cold turkey or not, but I do know it has to happen fairly quickly. I think that may be what's best for both of us. I'd let her nurse until she starts school if left to my own devices, but only because she's my last baby. She'd nurse until she stars school out of boredom or for comfort.

Now I'm just tired & depressed & I want my mama...and to keep my teeth.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry..My thoughts are with you

Queen Mother said...

I'll be there.

I think #32 below was stolen from Princess and the name changed just a little

Mrs.X said...

Oh, honey. It is sad and you I'm sorry that you had to make the decision so suddenly. Hugs.

Kork said...

I'm so sorry Farmie...praying for you during the coming days and nights!