October 14, 2008

Good Times

Good news: B.B. does not need speech therapy. He tested at 3 years 7 months old in his speech. Miss. M said that's exactly where he should be. He substitutes quite a few letter sounds, but they are all age appropriate & in the same sound category. She said actually, he's substituting more difficult sounds for easier ones in some cases. His speech patterns are good. His sentence structure is wonderful, great vocabulary, & she's thrilled that he talks as much as he does. She said just keep repeating words correctly back to him. So that means no more "corn on the hob."

And more good news: Husband & I got about 75% of our Christmas shopping done this morning. That felt good. I'm pretty sure you'll see a spike in the economy because of us.


Anonymous said...

so grateful to hear about B.B. Christmas will be bleak here, I find myself cringing at the thought.

Kork said...

HOORAY! I am so thrilled to hear about B.B.!

And I'm proud of your Christmas Readiness...and a bit jealous.

I'm with Ang on this one...things will be lean around here...we've got some little things tucked away for the kiddos, but are, sadly, relying on MIL and FIL to get the "big" gifts for them...my folks already said they're done too...oy!