October 13, 2008

Bee Bee Bumble Bee, I see something you don't see...

We've become very fond of this game. It saves us on long car rides, waits in line, boring afternoons with nothing to do, visiting in places we have to sit still & be quiet....Husband taught it to the FarmHands & until today I guess I never realized he plays it wrong.

He plays everything wrong. The first time we played Monopoly (shortly before/after we were married), I was setting up the board & he began dealing out the money & all the properties. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "This is how you play Monopoly." Huh? Ten of each denomination of bills and all the properties divided up between the players. I called him on it & he was shocked. Apparently his family has their own set of rules for most games. I've had to re-teach him how to play most board games.

I started B.B. Bumble Bee while I was sitting on the picnic table & the FarmHands were playing in the sand box & on the swing set. "Bee Bee Bumble Bee, I see something you don't see & the color is Orange!" Everyone started guessing & eventually someone said, "B.B.'s pants." I said yes, and Husband said, "That's not right! You have to say all the colors!" B.B. was wearing orange, tan, and blue pants covered in dinosaurs that imitated camouflage. I told him you only have to say one color otherwise it's not exactly a guessing game. He thought I was crazy, but played that way & it was much tougher than the normal games.

But I think B.B.'s got a better idea entirely. "Bee Bee Bumble Bee I see somefin' you don't see & da color is Mommy's shirt!"

BabyGirl guessed, "My underpants!" no matter what the color was. It wasn't funny the 173rd time she screamed it.


Terri said...

ahahaha, I sure think it's funny when you tell it one time. How cute!

Anita said...

In my home town it was, "Riddily Riddily Ree, I see something you don't see"

Go figure.