October 14, 2008

FarmWife Answers

Kork is the only one with a question this week...and I'm hoping hers is rhetorical.

"Please tell me how it is that a woman can catch a head cold, take one dose of cold medication, and be over said cold 3 days later, after 3 nights of interrupted sleep, cranky snot-nosed children, a dog that pees on every available surface, and when husband catches the same cold, has the same severity of symptoms, he somehow turns into the closest thing to a deathbed patient you can find outside a hospital or hospice care? OY!"

Um...well...because boys are stupid & should have rocks thrown at them. And that's my final answer. (Please, no one call Family Services in to protect my husband & sons from my rock throwing tendencies. I don't really throw rocks.)

And much thanks to Needlefingers for answering my question. I'm off to work on an Ask FarmWife button!! Yipee!!


Lisa said...

Men are whimps. My hubby busted his leg in 4 spots back in May and had to have surgey to get a titanium rod placed in it. He is still whining like a sissy man and is still off work. WHIMP!!!

OK, so maybe he really is in pain, but still. Heaven forbid a man catch a cold. The whole world stops when a man is sick.


Mrs.X said...

I second the men are wimps statement.