October 31, 2008

Fun stuff & no pain

If you scroll down beneath my list of blogs I read you'll find a new widget. I came across it on The Secret Life of an Unknown Housewife & fell in love. Click on the box & it will open & give you choices. After choosing a few options you will be directed to a new blog. Some I've found were awesome. Some, not so much. You can also put in choices of your own to send traffic to your blog. Try it out!

In other news, I'm tired & a bit grumpy this morning, but there's no real pain to speak of. My jaw is a tad stiff & a tiny bit sore if I open it all the way & there's a weird hole in the back of my mouth, but no swelling or bruising or anything of the like.

All I can say is that the Lord answers prayer! And I get free time with my mom! Maybe we should find a baby sitter & the two of us could head out for a girls' day.... :) (Don't tell Daddy or he'll want me to send her home!)


Sarah said...

Hello Farmie ! Glad that you like the widget - its fun isn't it ?? And even more glad that you are feeling ok after your tooth trauma.Look after youself. Sarah xx

Gail said...

It is great that you are feeling well enough to get into trouble!

You should go. You deserve a day out after that procedure.