October 13, 2008

Ask FarmWife: The Continuation

Once again, I'm here to answer all your questions, so hit me. What do you want to know? My views on all things political? Yeah, no one really wants to hear that. Not even me. What we had for dinner last night? Spa-FarmWife & meatballs....doesn't quite have the same ring as Spa-Peggy does it? What the pope thinks of Sweeny Todd? I've already answered that one. If you're new to Ask FarmWife Day, you may want to click the tag at the bottom of this post & read through my past posts.
And what do I want to know, you may ask? I want to know how to make my own blog buttons. I want an Ask FarmWife blog button. That's what I want!!


Kork said...

Dear FarmWife -

Please tell me how it is that a woman can catch a head cold, take one dose of cold medication, and be over said cold 3 days later, after 3 nights of interrupted sleep, cranky snot-nosed children, a dog that pees on every available surface, and when husband catches the same cold, has the same severity of symptoms, he somehow turns into the closest thing to a deathbed patient you can find outside a hospital or hospice care? OY!

needlefingers said...

Ask, and ye shall receive:


Just pick your image, then instead of an http:// link, you would use 'mailto:Farmwife@yadayada.com'

For images, you can pull one you like into Paint, or whatever, and shrink it to about a 100 x 60 pixel size. Obviously, the more rectanglely the original image is, the better. Or it will get all squooshy.