February 3, 2008

No accounting for taste

As you may have noticed from past posts, I do not drive in snow. Luckily we're not planning on moving to Canada...or Michigan anytime soon, so for the most part this works out for me. Until I have to take a child to the ER or run to the grocery. Then I must enlist a chaffuer. Thursday it was my Uncle Gick. He comes highly reccomended by his 30+ years as a truck driver & his former residence near the Chicago area...not to mention the fact that he is the official family chaffuer. He takes Busha & Bucka on their vacations, takes his mother-in-law to her doctor's appointments, took me to Indy to see G'ma M&M when she had her stroke, and drove Busha & the Aunties to Colorado one summer. We'd rent him out, but we need him too frequently....sorry.
Yesterday it was Husband's job. I wasn't planning on making the trip until today, but Husband thought we could swing it after lunch. He asked his mom to come set with the three oldest kids so we wouldn't have to wrestle them through the store. So off we went, practically childless.

We made it through the entire store without having to take anyone potty, threatening anyone under our breath, confining anyone to the back of a shopping cart, denying a toy purchase (or 12), breaking up any fights, catching any runaways, or losing any kids. It was blissful...or at least as blissful as Wal-Mart can get on a Saturday afternoon.

We even had a chance to discuss the possibility of taking a vacation this summer. Husband has scheduled his vacation time in two big blocks. We were going to go away for the weekend for our 10th anniversary, but Bitsy put a damper on those plans. So instead we're planning on taking off this year. I jokingly said we could go to Yellowstone as Husband's always wanted to see it (but it's not really weekend trip material). He said he didn't want to drive that far with the kids. I was confused until we discovered we were talking about 2 different vacations (I was thinking of the just us trip, he was thinking family vaca). So now the question is, where do you take 4 small children on vacation? Do not say Disney World...I'll be forced to kick you. We've never taken a vacation before. I'm scared.

Back to our trip to town: I guess while we were in the store, I mentioned more than once that I was hungry. As we were driving away, Husband asked where I wanted to eat. "I don't care as long as it isn't McDonalds." He said, "Where's the Chinese Restaraunt?" I nearly went into cardiac arrest! Husband does not eat Chinese. I took him to a buffet once when we were dating & he was unimpressed (it was also the first time he'd ever eaten broccoli).

So I got my to-go tray full of lo-mein, sesame pork, broccoli & beef, mongolian chicken, and other fabulous things not from the dollar menu...and he got a chicken sandwich from Burger King. We were both happy and I had enough left overs to get me through dinner last night as well.

Last night I gave BabyGirl her prednisone a little earlier so she was in bed and asleep by 10 o'clock (I should mention that her normal bed time is 8 pm). I gave it to her before dinner...then she flipped out & screamed for 30 minutes after bath time. Can I just say I am not looking forward to this child hitting puberty?! Once the boys were settled in bed, she paced around the living room & talked non-stop about nothing...and got very angry if you interupted her. After about an hour and a half of total manic behavior, she settled down to watch the end of That Thing You Do with us.

BabyGirl & I are reading Peter Pan together at night (since the boys aren't really into chapter books yet & would rather their bed time stories feature Buzz Lightyear or SpongeBob). We usually finish one chapter & argue about reading a second. Last night I'm not sure she was still awake when Toodles shot the Wendy at Tink's command. We may have to rehash tonight.

(Side note: is anyone else having trouble with Spell check? Mine hasn't worked all week...as you may have noticed.)


Brando said...

If you have not done it I would do St. Louis. It may not be Disney, but...

It has the best Zoo in the world for FREE. It has Grant's Farm -Free. It has th science museum, the magic house, the Arch, there is tons of shopping at the Galleria- with a build a bear and then a build a doll (exactly like BAB, but with really neat dolls) I can email you a pic of Yin with hers.

I am SURE that Inkling can help you out with more great things to do, but that is one of the reasons we love STL. We just pretend there is no such thing as the Cardinals.

Anonymous said...


Is there something here your kids might be interested in?

i'd start working on him for your trip alone to yellowstone..goodluck

Grace said...

Are you wanting a "go constantly and run yourself loopy" vacation, or a "sit back, swim, roast marshmallows" vacation? We are going to Niagra falls this summer. We are spending a day at the falls and the aquarium and possibly one day at a small theme park, but the rest of the 8 days will be spent sitting around a campfire, taking trails, fishing, swimming, and just loving each other! I can't wait!

needlefingers said...

Good heavens, don't take a child to Disney until at least age 25. Eeee.


Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Spellcheck didn't work for me last night either.
Sounds like you had a nice trip to the grocery. :)

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I almost forgot to tell you that last summer we went to Panama City Beach and had a great time! Our hotel (Holiday Inn Sunspree) has so many great features for kids. They have a SprayPlace (private little water park for younger kids) and it even had a little baby swing area in the water so they can splash around while sitting safely in the swings under a canopy. They show movies at night on a huge screen on the pool deck. Employees dressed up as characters do a little parade around the huge pool every morning. There are live bands every evening. The list goes on and on. You wouldn't need to pay for any kind of entertainment or even leave the hotel.

Mommy to 4 little people said...

Vacation with four kids you go first and tell how it turns out :) Than maybe just maybe we will try it.

So glad it is not just my spell check...thought I had suddenly found the first problem with my new puter.

I feel you on the screaming child and not wanting to see how she will be in her teens...I have one of those too.