February 4, 2008

The Great Vacation Debate

We're looking for a vacation site close to home as the idea of traveling long distances with 4 small kids is about as pleasant as having your tooth filled without the aid of novacaine (a feeling I am well familar with believe it or not). Right now Indianpolis is in first place in the running. They have a zoo, a children's museum, & Conner Prairie among the list of things we could see.

We may break this vacation down into two parts as long as we don't have to travel far or spend too many nights in a hotel. Husband & #1 Son began combing the Kentucky vacation guide QM brought us last summer. They discovered Dinosaur World in Cave City, KY. #1 Son was ready to pack his bags & leave last night. It's near Mammoth Cave & Husband really wants to see that. I on the other hand, prefer to keep my family vacations above ground. I'm sure it would be very interesting, but I'm not sure I'd handle the idea of my entire family being a mile under ground. QM says she'll get me a Lands End head lamp to wear.

Husband said we should call QM & Daddy to see if they want to meet us there since it's only about 2 hours from their house. We let #1 Son call since his dad told him this could be his birthday present. He was over the moon! He called his Grammy & said, "Grammy, we are going to Dinosaur World for my birthday. Can you and Pa come with us? We are all going to go. Mommy, and Daddy, and Me, and B.B., and BabyGirl, and Bitsy are all going. Can you come with us? Me and Daddy and B.B. and Pa can go just the boys to Dinosar World and You and Mommy and BabyGirl and Bitsy can go to the mall! Can you come?"

Husband said if I'm still not keen on the idea of going to the caves he & Pa can take the boys to see them while QM & I take the girls do something else. That's when BabyGirl yelled, "I want to go to a knitting museum!" She was on a knitting kick last night. We may have to have Needlefingers come teach her how to knit.

I'm not sure we'll find a knitting museum & I'm a little worried that we're planning a vacation full of Grinders Switches & Freshwater Pearl Museums (I'll leave that to QM to explain).


Anonymous said...

Any way you look at you it will be with the family and you will have fun Fun FUn FUN!!!

Good Luck in the Planning.

needlefingers said...

I always knew I liked that kid. ;)

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

And don't forget, Indianapolis also has me!!!

Grace said...

Indi is definitely a good choice. Their zoo and museum and wonderful. Actually, I don't think you could find a better children's museum around! We went a few times during a time in IN last year!