January 2, 2008

This House is Clean

Yesterday I was overcome by the spirit of OCD. I'm not sure what sparked it...possibly the extra, non functioning microwave taking up much needed space on my counter. Possibly the fact that I could not find BabyGirl's add-a-pearl necklace Sunday morning before church. I knew it was in the closet, but could not put my hands on it.

When I woke up yesterday I had to fix it. All of it. Immediately.
Yesterday I:
  1. Stripped the beds.
  2. Washed the Sheets.
  3. Put my new mattress cover on our bed with Husband's help. It slides over the entire mattress like a giant zippered pillowcase.
  4. Dug out #1 Son's flannel sheets & bed spread.
  5. Found B.B.'s missing pillowcase.
  6. Remade all the beds.
  7. Washed the dishes.
  8. Took out all the trash from the house.
  9. Emptied the left overs into the goats' scrap bucket.
  10. Washed all the dogs' bedding.
  11. Washed both the inside dogs.
  12. Clipped Lilly May's face fur.
  13. Packed away the baby clothes Bitsy has grown out of & I've yet to decide what to do with.
  14. Reorganized BabyGirl's clothes in her closet & hung up half her wardrobe.
  15. Cleaned out the mess collecting on the shelf in my closet.
  16. Cleaned out my junk drawers.
  17. Threw out an entire bag of trash collected from the closet & drawers.
  18. Reorganized my jewelery box & packed up all my good jewelery so we don't have a repeat of Sunday morning.
  19. Picked up the kids bedrooms (actually, made them do it, but it took much supervision).
  20. Collected the needed WIC info for Bitsy's appointment this morning.
  21. Made dinner.
  22. Folded & put away towels.
  23. Emptied the living room of toys & books that do not belong here.
  24. Fixed my air purifier.

Today I'm doing the rest of the laundry. I baked a cake. I did the dishes. I laid out the kids & my clothes for the funeral tomorrow. I still need to vacuum, dust, mop the kitchen, scrub the bathrooms, frost the cake I just baked, finish picking up the clutter that's accumulated over the holidays, make cranberry salad for the funeral dinner tomorrow, iron Husband's clothes for the funeral, and help the boys pick up the puzzles that exploded across their room while I had Bitsy at WIC this morning.

Oddly enough, the microwave is still there. Husband offered to move it to another cabinet, but I want it gone. I do not care that he may be able to fix it. I just want it O-U-T! He does not understand the preciousness of counter space in a kitchen.


Kork said...

I am proud of you! I cannot wait to get all my energy and strength back to do the same!!!

In the meantime, I make do with doing that which I can as I can.


Anonymous said...

so you say you'll be here at 9am Friday to work on my house? no? ok shuckydarn..

Sending hugs and prayers up for ya'll tomorrow